Nice to Meet You…

Who I am:

My name is Kim and my husband and I just had our first baby in July. Lincoln is truly unique and I learn something new from him every day. He has changed my perspective in so many ways (don’t all mothers think these things?  I think it comes with the birth certificate or something).  In my little free time, I enjoy visiting with my extended family as well as reading, running and crocheting. I also have a geeky side that enjoys playing Wii and PlayStation with my husband. We also have two adorable dogs; a beagle named Sydney and a britney mix named Desmond.  In the “9 to 5” world, I’m an engineering manager in Research and Development for a Pharmaceutical company.

My Mission:

Like many new mothers out there, I want the best for my baby. Doctors recommend breastfeeding your baby for one year, which is oftentimes easier said than done. Not only is it difficult to keep it up for a year given the pains of nursing (clogged ducts anyone?), but it can be especially difficult when returning to work for 9 months of that time. Throw in the inconvenient locations many of us have to pump in (Bathroom stalls? Locker showers? Freezing closets?) and it’s no wonder that formula companies are still in business when breastmilk is free.  I’m not a diehard, “Breast is Best and the Only Food for My Baby” torch carrier – I just want to give my son the best I possibly can and I’d like to be able to nurse him for as long as we possibly can.

My mission with this blog is to pump at work until Lincoln’s one year birthday on July 23, 2011. I know that I’m going to need some motivation to keep going which is why I’m going to crochet an item for charity every day that I pump at work. Three 20 minute sessions means that I have an hour to crochet a small item (caps, booties, afghan squares) for a different charity each day. I’m going to try to stick to baby oriented charities given that I’m doing this as I spend time away from my son, but may grow and expand as time goes on (hopefully I make it that far!!).

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog – please comment if there’s something on here that you find relatable or helpful!!


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