Contact any of the following organizations to obtain more information or additional support for breastfeeding. This is not as natural or easy as many make it out to be and there will be times when you’ll have questions and need answers (especially at 3 o’clock in the morning when you can’t sleep because of the searing pain)!! Never underestimate the value of your hospital resources and call the helplines early and often.

Medela –
La Leche League International –
United States Lactation Consultants Association –
International Lactation Consultant Association –

Donating Items to Charity:

There are so many organizations out there helping people in need. As I started this project, I was completely overwhelmed by the thousands of organizations in need of even the smallest items – I wish that I could help all of them! If you’re motivated to do something to help, one of the best resources is Lion Brand ( On their website, there is a complete listing of organizations that accept donations (crafted items and scrap yarn as well as monetary donations). The website also contains information on local knitting and crocheting clubs that meet regularly to make a difference locally and nationally. These groups can even teach you how to knit or crochet!

Also, feel free to contact any of the charities listed on this blog – every little bit helps!


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